Friday, June 23, 2006

The following is taken from a label of Hemp Seeds For You, a UK company that cold presses its oil 24 hours before delivery. It retails mainly in the south of England, available at such shops as Tony's Holistic Centre (aka, Tony's Hemp Corner) near Kings Cross Station.
Paul Dean, the proprietor, takes pride in his product and has one of the best labels in the industry. He meticulously breaks down the fatty acid content as follows:
-saturates 7.4g total
Arachidic acid 0.7g
Eicosenic acid 0.7g
Palmitic acid 4.0g
Stearic acid 2.0g
-monounsaturates 9.0g total
Oleic acid (Omega-9) 6.0g
Stearidonic acid 2.1g
Vacoenic acid 0.9g
-polyunsaturates 73.5g total
Linoleic acid (Omega-6) 53.0g
Linolenic acid (Omega-3) 28.5g
gamma Linolenic acid 2.0g
A full view of his label with further information on energy, protein, vitamin content and other constituents can be found on p. 119 of Hemp for Victory.
Paul sells a range of products, including whole and hulled hemp seeds, and can be contacted at 01747 820 899.


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I have been trying to find some info regarding the EFS in hemp. This information is exactly what I was looking for. Respect hemp for victory. I am really interested in any information about hemp nutrtion

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