Monday, January 21, 2008


They came, they saw, and they were quite impressed with the new hemp fabrics by Jane Pasquill (of the House of Hemp) and Katie Knill, along with the book Building with Hemp (see review on this blog by clicking on labels), John Hanson's treefree paper and a bamboo bicycle; or for the last, maybe bamboozled!

It was riden by Nicola Giuggiola, CEO of ECO, the new shop to open at 213 Chiswick High Road later this month, which is partly owned by Colin Firth. Also present were Jane Taylor of Positive News, whose pen was clicking away furiously as potential stories came up; Cathy Chevalier, the artist; Bobby Pugh of The Hemp Shop whose grasp of facts about hemp gave depth to the meeting - always causing Jane Taylor's pen to scribble away; Jilly Cholmondeley who will be selling her 100% hemp bed sheets in ECO; and Candice Meskin from Quintessential in Cornwall, whose shop has been around for some 17 years; and our hosts, Nick and Cindy Mackintosh.

Several things were decided, including the sending of letters to publishers in the UK to ask them to start a project to get hemp paper for the newspaper industry. Nicola talked of hosting salons at his shop, in which some 20 environmentalists could put forth their ideas whilst the press took note. Hopefully there will be meetings like this all over the world. But of course, you are all welcome to come to London. All roads do seem to lead to the capital, where a number of street names reflect the hemp heritage of which we are proud.

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pebbledash said...

Any suggestions as to where to get a hemp suit, suitable to get married in? Can only find casual clothing.....this is on behalf of a friend.