Friday, June 16, 2006

As hemp contains essential amino acids, tocotrienols, linoleic acid, alpha and gamma linoleic acids, palmitic acid and staeridonic acid, it is not surprising that birds love this food. The Linnet is even named after it in Latin: Carduelis cannabina. Its name in many Germanic languages actually expresses its affinity to hemp, such as the German Hamfling and the Swedish Hampling.
Ornithologists for centuries have noted the value of this seed, giving it not only to the obviously graminivorous birds but using it as part of raptor medicine as well.
Below is a list of select quotes from them:
Hemp is a favorite(birdseed) because of its nourishing oily content. - Margaret McKinnney, 1939
The seed, of high value, provides sowing material and is the favoured meal of the titmouse, because when it eats hemp seed, its song is loud and full of love. - Die Lustige Hanffibel, 1943
Any ornithologist worth his or her wieght in binoculars knows birds devour hemp seed. - John M. McPartland, 2000
Hemp seeds thrown on to the water help to attract a flock of Mallards. - S.M. Osman, work in publication

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