Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Hemp is a four-letter word; say it to the wrong person and you get hard looks or snickers. Obviously, we all run into a number of fools in life, and many are harmless. Think about the bankrobber who used his own bank statement to write his demands, and one only laughs.
That felon did not get far, there will be no OJ trial for his prima facia act of criminal stupidity; a bemused judge will hand him to the wardens.

Others, however, end up not in chains but in the government, joining forces of wickedness in high places. Consider the crowd that ignored the advice of thousands of years, set down in record by farmers, scientists, kings, queens, sailors and tradesmen. Naked jokers they were who went along with the idea that hemp was a danger to society and had to be eliminated from US soil. Fools they were proven to be when the US had to spend money to promote hemp in 1942 as a matter of national security. If they had only listened to Henry VIII of England, or his daughter, Elizabeth I, they would have had hemp in the ground all along and not have been in such a scramble after Pearl Harbor. The Elizabethan era was noted for its properity and artistic achievement. Such facts, however, are not welcome to fools, one realises that it is a waste of one's time to regale a fool with facts. And let us not forget their own examples, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, who were both hemp farmers. The very record of the US government stands in testimony against these blunderers.

Time indeed is wasted by this species, Homo estupidus, and while some of them produce a good laugh, others are a much more dangerous variety: H. e. justdontgiveadamn, known to zoologists by its destructive habits. This subspecies destroys its environment and preys on others. While its congeners, H. sapiens, try to reduce pollution, source cost effective medicine and bring fair trading standards to the market, estupidus does all it can to thwart progress. We now live in an unsafe world, with depleted uranium killing the very troops who use it (not to mention the 'insurgents' who are now dying from cancer), global warming and rising tides. Brave new world indeed. Sapiens labour on in the hope of getting a listening ear, but often in vain. Perhaps only a few more decades, or years, remain for both. The fool may in fact prevail in the end, laughing at all the information put in front of him. Led he is, like the emperor parading naked, by some traders of very dubious goods.

So tell him all you want about hemp and its relationship with mankind, the idiot has not ears that hear. Programmed by some demonic rhetoric about hemp, Cannabis sativa, being the 'devil's weed', he is ready to pull up the useful and produce the useless, belial and beastly, but oh what fun for the fool. Mocking the facts and reaping the whirlwind, he is keeping himself entertained, dancing blissfully in his ignorance, never hearing the tolling of the bells.

The very concept of hemp is a winnowing device, seperating the fools from the wise, the chaff from the wheat. Much as some would like to feign authority and morality over their ignorance of hemp, the truth is that they have been lied to and have fallen for the lie. Again, like fools, they have been easily parted from their money, spending it on plastics, unsafe medicines and clothes which are made from crops which consume large amounts of pesticides. Let the wind of change seperate this chaff from among us and we will be back in our fields planting what wise and well-heeled monarchs mandated, while they join their naked emperor, the prince of the air, in an orgy of self-righteous folly while the wise enjoy the fruits of victory.

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