Saturday, July 01, 2006

The continuing saga of protest against the stupidity of letting Bush take people out of other countries for acts legally committed in those countries goes on. The march on Thursday, 29 June proceeded from the Institute of Directors on Pall Mall to the Home Office on Marshall Street. That same day the Supreme Court in the US ruled that keeping men in sub-human conditions without charge, thousands of miles away from their native lands, with some sadistic prison guards and a Kamp Kommandant named "Bumgarden" (Batguano) was actually against the Constitution. Like, duh.
They were not the only guys in suits to come out against the rule of stupidity which has taken root lately, as the march in London was a neatly organised group of men in suits also taking a stand against the absurd. No pink-suited fairies or rappers crying "free the weed" from under a haze, this was an orderly progression of people exercising their right to common sense, the progeny of those who fought Hitler and rightly put him in the grave.
Somewhere there is a statue of Churchill in London, but the present regime seems to have forgotten it. They have also forgotten that Bush's grandpa helped the Nazis when America was fighting the Nazis.
At present we have three innocent Britons who are under a cloud of a 30-day extradition order to the US. Wonder if maybe they'll get snatched on the 4th of July. The son of one of these men is a ten-year-old with more common sense than Tony Blair (who not only gives away UK citizens to Bush, but sold £335m worth of a defence firm to a Bush for £40, call it theft if you dare) has made a spear out of a stick and is waiting for the Yanks to show up; when they do, he is ready to use it in defence of his family and country. For God and the Queen. I hope he fends them off.
Hitler and Bush have a lot to learn about the British. Hitler's Germany ended up under a curse and Bush's America is suffering storm after storm after storm as a curse on the land led by a stupid, thieving government whose relatives were helping the Nazis. There is a God, and he does not need a 'supreme court' to state that Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, and the extradition of UK citizens by the Bush administration is evil. America has enough real criminals to handle, like those who dragged an elderly handicapped man out of his house, tied his hands and feet, shot him in the head and then planted explosives around him so they could lie to the world by making it look like he was a terrorist; it is in fact just these US soldiers who are the terrorists.
BTW, for those of you who think this is so crazy it must be made up, spend your time doing a google search of the NatWest 3, Gary Mulgrew, Giles Darby and David Bermingham. Even the right-wing Times opposes this, as do so many other papers, but as coverage of this is neglected due to World Cup, Wimbledon, and, in the case of the Evening Standard, the weather (their front page on Friday bascially told us it was hot this summer, like, duh...) take priority over this issue, we are left with very little information. Kind of like how Hitler wanted it.

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