Saturday, July 08, 2006

Fifteen years ago in the UK there was very little in the way of a hemp business. A British edition of Jack Herer's The Emperor Wears no Clothes was published in the early '90s, and that certainly sparked interest, although Herer himself did not get over much, if at all, to visit the British Isles. One of the first to come to bat was Bobby Pugh, who started Mother Hemp in Brighton, and then moved on to found The Hemp Shop in that same city. His retail outlet has since stocked hundreds of items and is now the gateway to the UK for many brands, incuding Gmund paper from Germany.
The Hemp Shop stocks Yorkshire Hemp foods, Sativa luggage gear, THTC clothing, BioRegional paper, Yaoh food and body care products, 9-bars, books, you name it, Bobby Pugh has made it available to those of us in the UK, and a bit beyond at times, as The Hemp Shop is now online and has efficient shipping to all parts.
The retail outlet is to be found at 19 Gardner Street, North Laine, Brighton. Phone # is 0845 123 5869, web address is:, and for e-mail orders, contact:

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