Monday, July 10, 2006

When writing Hemp for Victory, there was this moment when all the tangential but somehow related information about the twisting of the law came together; call it a moment of inspiration, or call it going off topic for a bit, but somehow it has come to haunt me. Having mentioned Marc Emery, (p.76) and how the US was trying to extradite a Canadian citizen for acts committed on Canadian soil, I then went on to mention the strange extradition requests for UK citizens; for acts committed on UK soil. In some cases these acts were completely open and honest, quite in accordance with UK law.
The extradition treaty was supposed to deal with terrorism, but now we are seeing that it, like many US laws, is nothing but a tool to use against the world. This is sad, as the US started off on the subject of liberty, and now it is working in michrochipping people. There has even been a book titled Physical Control of the Mind published in the Land of the Free.
The physical control and messing with liberties has come to a boil, so much so that billionaires are now marching against this US law in London. As Gary Mulgrew, David Bermingham and Giles Darby just lost their last appeal against this extradition, which does not include the presentation of prima facie evidence, there has been an uproar. In the book I had mentioned protests, but now it is more than just protest, top officials are weighing in against this Bush-loving government to try to get justice for UK citizens. As the public reacted, so did the US, and the 30 day period these three men had to pack and say good-bye to their families has been shortened behind the scenes, so now they are due to hand themselves in to Sussex police on Thursday, 13 July, and then be handed over to US authorities. Here, on British soil.
Last year we protested for Marc Emery outside the US Embassy, which is in Grosvenor Square, London, W1. In fact, we did it twice in one week. I would encourage anyone here to do the same, and I might add, I am only suggesting you do this legally, so do check with the police to see what kind of permit you need; you may not even need a permit. We had one, and the police were actually very helpful, a WPC pointed out that the for some stupid reason the eagle above the embassy (or, chancellery, as the ambassador keeps another residence) was facing left as a Nazi emblem; the US eagle emblem faces right, so for some reason the US Embassy does not even have a proper American symbol. But again, I digress. The point here is let's make a noise and keep the law functioning properly. Others in the line to be snatched by the US are Gary McKinnon and Ian Norris. We need to act fact for them. If Churchill were here, he'd never have accepted this. Nor would he have allowed anyone to put a Nazi-facing eagle over the US Embassy.
Looking back, I have no regrets about including this issue in the hemp book. That the issue should erupt the week of publication was probably some kind of fate. While it has not prevented their abduction, I fight in the hope of keeping others from the same fate.
(for related posts on this blog, a key word search will serve as an index. Please google as well and familiarise yourself with what is going on against UK law by the present regime in the US. has good information on this as well.)

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