Friday, July 14, 2006

This week the news in the UK is dominated by the weird extradition laws which put US citizens at risk, liable to be snatched by the US without so much as presentation of prima facie evidence; and for acts which are not even crimes, at least not on UK soil. Such is the case of Ian Norris, whose pricing arrangements on carparts were conducted legally for years in the UK.
As the NatWest Three were put on a plane yesterday, outcry emerged. Added to this the strange death of a friendly witness, Neil Coulbeck, who had been visited by the FBI here in the UK not long before his demise, which may or may not have been a suicide, made people uneasy. Questions began to arise about what the FBI is doing here whilst drug gangs and paedophile gangs run rampant in the US. Would this agency not better spend its time interviewing US GOP members such as Philip Giordano, the mayor who abused children, or maybe just going to church where such criminals are in such profusion? Why hound someone to death overseas when you have the world's worst cases of crimes against children?
One question about all this 'new law' nonsense, which, like 'new maths', does not quite add up, is just what can a UK citizen be arrested for? How many bartenders serving under 21s (some of them US servicemen, and therefore affecting US citizens) can be extradited tomorrow for their actions, illegal under US law?
Wait till the FBI finds out about all the Cannabis sativa that is cultivated right here in the UK - legally! Boy oh boy, will they send the Texas Rangers? Do they have enough orange jump suits?
With all the new prisons they are building, they just might be able to find room for everyone. But if not, they can always let out a few child abusers, who will no doubt be quite welcome in the GOP, which supported known Nazi collaborators, including Prescott Bush. Have a think about that one, unless the thought police are already knocking at your door.
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