Sunday, August 27, 2006

The EIHA will host a hemp symposium in Hurth, near Cologne, Germany, on 21 & 22 November, 2006. Speakers include Michael Karus, co-author of The Cultivation of Hemp, who will give the opening speech on both days. Marie Siroka of the Hemp Association of the Czech Republic will speak on the 21 on the subject of hemp in her nation, followed by Bernd Frank from Badische Naturfaseraufbereitung GmbH in Germany.
Cesare Tofani is scheduled to speak at noon on the hemp industry in Italy, where he is a member of Gruppo Fibranova. He is followed by Pierre Bouloc of Stepidavise from France.
A break ensues at 13:00, after which Mr. Bouloc continues to hold forth, speaking about hemp fibres for pulp & paper. M-Base Engineering Software GmbH from Germany has its representative Frank Otremba take the floor next, after which more presentations, as yet TBA, will go on, then dinner, at 17:00.
On the 22nd, after Mr. Karus' opening, Sven Ortmann from the nova-Institut GmbH in Germany will discuss markets and development of natural fibres. Mireille Portmann of France will go on at 10:30 to discuss carbon credits, with Mr. Kruse giving a talk on hemp seed as food and raw material in Europe. Lunch is at noon, after which more speakers, as yet TBA will share their reports. Conference ends on this day at 16:00
The EIHA is located at: EIHA, nova-Institut GmbH,
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