Saturday, August 12, 2006

After years of work Hemp for Victory has finally seen the light of day, and is now selling in some of the best shops in the hemp and book world: The Hemp Shop, Foyles, Housmans, Yorkshire Hemp, The Hemp Trading Co., etc.
However, when showing the book to a posh shop in North London, a major fault was pointed out to me. Without even cracking the spine, the knowing shop assistant told me it was not right for the shop: it was too big.
Ah, so. Size matters here. Small books are the only ones these people read.
Problem solved! I took some copies to the binder and told him to chop it here and chop it there. He looked at me like I was a nutter, pointing out that this would cut right into the text.
But, hey, it's not what's in the book that matters to these people anyway, though there are those who take exception to the facts. Another solution is at hand for them: we can sell chopped down copies with much of the text censored.
For those to whom size is not the only issue and who would not take offence at an objective history of US suppression, I can send full size, uncensored copies of Hemp for Victory. £20 includes signing and postage in the UK, contact me at for any orders.
Alterations made upon request!

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