Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hemp is free of GM, save for a few trials involving Chameleon and other varieties. All food varieties in the EU and Canada are GM free. However, there may be a struggle to keep this the case. The GM companies are tireless in their campaigns to foist their products on the public, and can spend more time and energy promoting themselves in the press than most of us. Recently Green Party MEP Caroline Lucas voiced her concerns in a letter to the Guardian on 24 July, only to be gunned down by two GM promoters on the 26. Today, 3 August, that paper printed a number of letters on the issue, including my own; however, they severely censored what I wrote, leaving out the whole issue of Liberty Link corn having a pesticide residue which could interact with the human nervous system from inside the stomach. Talk about getting on our nerves and under our skin! The august periodical also saw fit to print, first in this section, a letter from Tony Combes, director of corporate affairs at Monsanto, how is keen to tell us how much the public loves the GM tomatoes (with improved viscosity!) and is not prepared to buy British.
GM is a serious threat to human life, and it is best to be vigilant. The chapter "GM & the Tao of Hemp" in Hemp for Victory gives many examples of what is really being done, sourced from such papers as the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, Indendent, The Daily Mail, and, of course, the Guardian.
But sometimes one wonders who will guard the guardians?
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