Thursday, September 07, 2006

The internet now gives us information on just about any subject at the touch of a button. However, we get lots of junk this way as well, and there is a whole shadow world of spammers who take advantage of public interest in a subject to hijack it. Hemp, for instance, is a key word for many, and often on google searches we get pages with URLs such as or, where there is little if any reference to hemp. So how does rubbish get on to google? Trick is they make a white page, then write a keyword a million times in white ink, so no one really sees it, except the idiot robot which works for google. So what is subliminally implanted is "hemp hemp hemp hemp hemp hemp hemp hemp....", = "spam spam spam spam...".
This puts legitimate websites often out of reach, and I might suggest a number of them here: A commercial site which offers news and information as well as the latest in hemp fashion (the above image is courtesy of Minawear). This site is dedicated to hemp in Japan, with many rare images and useful information. One of the oldest and best websites on hemp ever, with news and reprints of journal information. Another commercial site, but of much use in the hemp world, run by Bobby Pugh who kicked off the hemp industry in the UK in the '90s. A North American site working on informing the public and political activism, a must read for those who want to stay current. The name says it all, a vital site. Hosted in northern California, this site puts up five or more posts a week on environmental issues. Whilst hemp is not the only issue, it is covered well, with links to other sites and audio broadcasts and interviews with such activists as RFK Jr. News and products, put up by Eric Pollitt in Chicago. One of the best blogspots in the world, with great images taken by Chris Sanders, who happens to be where the action is time and again.

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