Monday, October 02, 2006

Californians this year watched as a bill allowing hemp, the crop which so many of America's founding fathers grew, to be grown in their state. No way Jose, this was just too good to be true. All that talk with 'President' Blair about the environment just went up in smoke this weekend as the Terminator vetoed the bill, along with other environmentally friendly proposals. Talk is cheap, and fools believe every word of it, but here are the facts. AB 1147 is dead. George Washington is just a face on a quarter, flip it and it comes up Arnie, the guy whose dad marched for the Nazis, an officer for Hitler.
California's water problems are most likely going to intensify as cotton farming continues, one million acres dedicated to this pesticide hungry, water thirsty crop, which is now being used in GM experiments, its oil fed to cattle who are coming down sick.
But it's not only cattle coming down sick, it is all those who are working for a better environment, some of us who have fond memories of growing up in the 'Golden State' and would like to see positive changes made.
Nonetheless, the state has many hemp businesses, such as Minawear, Nutiva, and Pacific Hemp Associates which will supply hemp items to Americans, despite the fact that Arnie will not let them grow it. Maybe it's time for a revolution?

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