Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday, December 11th, there will be a vigil outside the US embassy in London. More info at
The ugly building in the image is indeed the embassy. However, the British police are cool, and Grosvenor Square has lots of better looking buildings, which the GOP has not been allowed access to. Last time we were protesting we had a friendly chat with one of them who asked what was wrong with the eagle (look closely at top of image). It was a good trivia question but had a deep meaning, as the eagle is facing the wrong way for a US symbol. What country gets even its own symbol reversed?
Come wearing hemp and join in the vigil for a cleaner climate. Who knows, maybe someone in the embassy might just listen to us and get their eagle straightened out. Then they could start getting the hemp situation straight as well, by allowing their own farmers to follow the advice of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson who encouraged hemp cultivation.
The embassy now owes more than £1,000,000.00 in congestion charges, but the Americans who work there are too special to pay up. Somehow they believe they have a right to come to the UK and act like brats, and they have already expressed the idea that the USSS has a right to shoot protestors here in London...not a bad idea to wear a bullet proof vest!

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