Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Last week William Rodriguez, the man who saved hundreds of lives on 9/11, was speaking in London, and we gave him a copy of Hemp for Victory, which is dedicated to him. His story, like the story of hemp, has been suppressed. Note, however, the photo left, which is indeed William Rodriguez, shaking hands with the man who so bravely defended America on 9/11 by reading a story about a pet goat... must have been a really good one. As W was reading the about the goat's splendid escapades, William was walking up the stairwells, trying to get everyone out. He could have been the first one out that morning, and he too could have read a story about a pet goat, but for some reason he decided to go into a burning building and use his master key to open the locked firedoors on each floor. For which he got a Congressional Medal of Honour, and who knows, maybe the president who presented this medal read to him some of the pet goat story. Just imagine, William could have told W a few things about what went on that day, and in return W could have said something like this: "Well you know Willy, just as you were helping the firemen to secure water and directing people to the stairwell, I got to the part about that goat stealing some children's apples. Yes, that was a good one. Too bad I was interrupted by Andrew Card at that point, but that didn't stop me. Just as you went on helping people to safety, I went on with my mission. I kept on reading."
One story that was not read at that meeting was the true story about bombs in the building and heavy machinery being secretly moved on the 34th floor. Oh no, the US government does not like those stories, because it means there are a lot of guilty goats running around the White House, some who killed 3,000 people that day in order to start a profitable war. So after initially welcoming William and putting him forward as a congressional candidate, they decided to blacklist him. "Hero Homeless" was the headline in one NY paper some months after the attacks, and the governor stepped in to help William. But not for long. His story, which is so well documented and vetted, is embarrassing to the real perpetrators and traitors who stand by W. Come hell or high water, and both did, they stood with their man, like the idiotic voters of Waterbury, Connecticut, who stood by Philip Giordano, even after he was caught using the Mayor's ofice to rape pre-teens.
William's story is being told to those who are willing to listen. The press in London boycotted him, as does the press in the US, because they are full of silly cowards, and there is always some story they'd rather print, be it Naomi Campbell or the pet goat.
But we're used to that, part of the hemp story is that William Randolph Hearst and every idiot journalist in the US blacklisted hemp and printed lies about it for years. This led to US dependency on oil, and made Saudi Arabia rich. If W was not so busy reading the tale of the goat, he might notice this.
William Rodriguez will be back in London in January 2007, when he will tell his tale to all and sundry, that is, those who are not afraid to listen. For information on this, check out the www.nineeleven.co.uk site.

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Goyen Gets Tough said...

Always thought it appropriate that the horned beast should be reading the story of another horned beast. Great piece man, about a greatly peaceful man, you are both an essential source of hope, truth and knowledge. Keep it up.

Recently met Sr. Rodriguez when we aranged a talk for him in Skipton, Yorkshire, where he spoke passionately to a enthralled audience. His words were invigorating, his diligence and courage is an inspiration. His story however is horrific, as is the realisation the 9/11 was an inside job.

Good blog, I bought Hemp for Victory, excellent stuff.