Saturday, January 06, 2007


Left is a picture of Marc Emery, who the US wants to extradite from Canada for selling pot seeds. Granted, this is illegal in the US, but he did it in Canada. Worldwide protests were held, including two in London outside the US Embassy. It seems every time we pass Grosvenor Sqaure there is another protest, one in fact is planned to demand the US pays the congestion charge. For a country so zealous to punish everyone else on the planet, it seems weird they don't obey the law.

Everyone else on the planet includes a number of patently innocent people, such as Ian Norris, a British CEO who lobbied against price fixing, only to have the US try to extradite him for price fixing...after a man in the US, named Mr. Crow, named him in a plea bargain, just after Mr. Crow was himself indicted. It only takes the crow to sing to get someone in trouble, or in the case of Judy Cunningham, a homeless drug addict to tell the authorities that she has a house full of weapons in Pennsylvania and is in bed with the KKK. The last accusation is not even a crime, dastardly as it would be. But Homeland Security these days, Osama having bin forgotten, has not too much to do.

It would be funny if it weren't real, if US citizens themselves did not disappear; in one case, a US Senator, who called for transparency in government accounting, was falsely charged, imprisoned for ten years and tortured. So we need to hang together on this, even if it does not immediately affect us. Mr. Emery is at least a hemp campaigner, however much of it he smokes, and I do not encourage such activity, so he is an obvious person to help. Why help others though? Ask Martin Niemoller. He could tell you a thing or two about trumped up charges and Heimland Security prisons. He was a pastor, and the cloth did not stop the government from getting him, in fact, he was a high ranking Nazi party member (some historians have forgotten about this as they see him in a halo), so there is at times little protection against a governemnt hell bent on microchipping people and taking away their rights. In the US, as in Germany, concentration camps are being built.

If we work together, we can have them demolished and used as hemp processing facilities. Or use them to jail those trying to make hemp illegal and force us to take the microchip.

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