Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Long after Tom Lehrer sang about this practice, it seems about to be implemented in London, where the mayor, Ken Livingstone, is red with rage towards the 'rats with wings' that are so much a part of Trafalgar Square. Current debate on the issue fills papers, with those opposed and those in support all making a noise. Those opposed, short of actually poisoning them, have used a Harris Hawk named Nelson to tackle the problem. This verminator is probably enjoying a meal of squab braised in port wine at this very moment.
His victims, if they were to dine fine, would choose hemp seed, and I admit, I have fed this to them within yards of Nelson's column...on one occasion, after gluttonously feeding on my stash of Cannabis sativa, one flew up directly above. I looked up expecting thanks, and he returned my gaze, and with it, a stream of mute. Splat. No wonder Leonardo da Vinci writes that they are ungrateful creatures.
Nonetheless, I would rather see them in the square. They have squatters' rights and it is wrong to evict them. I say let them eat hemp!

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