Friday, January 26, 2007


The autumn 2006 issue of New View contains (p.73) a review by Dr. Jennifer Wallace of Oxford University. Wallace takes time to really read this book, which, as she admits, did not strike her as the kind of material she would normally pick up. However, she plowed on and found it worth her while, concluding: "...far from some happy- clappy tree-hugging narrative, Hemp for Victory is a serious expose..."

She also notes that there is not a lot in here about pot. Many hemp books do cover pot, and this muddies the waters. People don't then get the issue. Smoke gets in the way.

Incidentally, New View is published by the Rudolf Steiner people, so this is a good place for a hemp book to have a review. Because of some of the statements in the book, many publications refuse to review it, and one US bookstore chain has refused to carry Hemp for Victory. Whatever their reason, it was certainly not anything to do with drugs, which this book does not endorse.

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JBeck-nyc said...

Kenyon - it is really hard to change things, and as you say, "smoke gets in the way." But the world needs these small but potentially significant economic gains. Keep up your work - and I'm glad New View noticed.