Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Ever since the rise of Dictator W and Homeland Security, the US has had its share of storms, high school shootings and agricultural disasters. Lately a die-off among honey bees is bad news for farmers as many are dependent upon these creatures to pollinate their crops.

It is thought that the use of so many pesticides may be the cause of this. Cotton farming especially pollutes the farmland. The legislators are often scuzzbags who will betray the people to the industrial polluters.

Hemp offers a solution to this in that it does not require much pesticide use. As for bees, they are known to collect some amount of hemp pollen from the rather non-descript, apetallous flowers, but this ends up as a trace amount in their honey. It is possible to determine the origin of honey by the amount of hemp pollen present. Honey from northern California and Romania are known to have a high percentage of hemp pollen.

Hemp is often wind pollinated, so this may not affect hemp; that is, if it were to be grown in the US in the first place. Plants most affected are trees, such as cherry and apple. Most grain, such as wheat, is also wind pollinated, so we can still eat, but we may have to live by bread alone.

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