Monday, February 05, 2007


Years ago, Sesame Street brought us the famous detective, Fargo North, who hung out his shingle as a 'decoder'. Every case brought to him he was able to solve, and most of the young viewers were able to do the same. After a certain age I graduated to Sherl0ck Holmes. But it appears some people have never left Sesame Street, and they are still unable to distinguish industrial hemp from marijuana. Therefore there is a discussion on the calendar in Bismarck, North Dakota, for Thursday, 8 February, to discuss a "concurrent resolution urging Congress to direct the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency to differentiate between industrial hemp and marijuana." It is tagged as HCR 3042.

By the way, some of the federal agencies in the US need to be reminded that they are working for the taxpayer; they are not, at least not yet, secret fascist police agencies. Last month I spent time on the phone politely explaining this to Homeland Security, as they had gathered some bits of slander against a law-abiding US citizen who works as a nurse the Empire State. They got mad and called her, telling her that I called; they then sent her a note to tell her the case was being dropped, but had nothing to do with me calling. As stupid as the case was, one would hope it did not take my call, politely offering to get them some free attention in the NY Times and the NY Sun, to get them to wake up. Maybe they took it to Fargo North, who, as we all know, lives on Sesame Street. Soon, however, they may be growing hemp on that street, which we all know is in North Dakota.

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