Monday, March 26, 2007


The image right is of cotton, with just a slight amount of fuzz around the dark brown seeds. Usually the bolls are much plumper, but as this plant requires lots of water, and Australia does not have lots of water, things went wrong this year with the cotton harvest in towns like Moree, Narrari and Bourke.

Sensible people have for years been calling for farmers to plant less water intensive crops, such as vegetables or hemp. Writing in The Australian, John Anderson, a former politician, puts down their suggestions with innacurate, if not totally dishonest allegations. Anderson claims that all this would deliver is a pile of rotting vegetables, and as to hemp, he falsely claims that it requires the same water as cotton, and "significantly more chemicals" than cotton. What lies. This man is either stupid or dishonest or both. Cotton uses so many chemicals it keeps US chemical companies alive, while killing farmers all over the world; hemp is a weed killer in its own right, used by cotton farmers to prepare the soil and rid it of pests, as noted previously on this blog. Australians ought to consider criminal charges against this man. Is he working for the interests of these chemical companies? The same ones that want us to chop down our trees for the very papers that print this nonsense?

William Randolph Hearst may be dead, but yellow journalism lives on. But will mankind? Probably not if we use our land for cotton.

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