Thursday, March 22, 2007


Last year Woody Harrelson came to London to star in the Tennessee Williams play, The Night of the Iguana. On his off time he researched the hemp scene, making a trip to Brighton to check out The Hemp Shop. He also took the time to pen a foreword to Hemp for Victory, in which he talks about his involvement in the environmental circles, starting with his opposition to a senate bill which was set to allow the destruction of 6m acres of woodland from the Pacific Northwest. "I made it my mission to find a sustainable alternative to the wood-based paper industry," he tells us. His mission is others gain, and it is good to see real activists like him on the road.

Too often the happy-clappy wing gets off on the wrong foot, as they did this week buying scores of cotton bags, and not even organic cotton, which is a bit like Kosher pork anyway. (see previous post). Cotton uses 50% of the world's pesticides and is depleting major waterways, including the Aral Sea. As we are nearing a water shortage, there are those who go out and support cotton; as farmers trapped in the cycle of cotton growing commit suicide in record numbers, these happy folk are having a party on their graves.

It's hard to get them to listen, but hopefully, with the likes of Woody, and his wife Laura who runs her own site, Voice Yourself, more people will take up the mission of Woody and we will ba able to prevent the disasters that are not only threatening, but happening worldwide.