Monday, March 05, 2007



A sister publication of the Journal of Industrial Hemp is the Journal of Natural Fibers, published in New York by the Haworth Press. Articles on bamboo, kenaf, flax, nettles, coir, jute, wool and, of course, hemp will be found in its pages. It is mainly edited in Poland by the Institute of Natural Fibres in Poznan, under the direction of Ryszard Kozlowski. An international editorial board works to make this a cutting edge work with peer reviewed articles on the latest technology.

A recent copy, Volume 2 # 1, 2005, ran five articles on hemp:

The Influence of Growing Factors and Plant Cultivation Methods on Biomass and Fibre Yield as Well as on Fibre Quality of Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.), by Tanja Schafer

Trends and Methods in Hemp Breeding in Poland, by H. Burczyk, Mieczyslaw Kowalski and Michal Pwavuszevski

Analysis of Hemp Chemical Pulp Monosaccharide Degradation Compared with Aspen and Spruce Chemical Pulps, by D.N. Roy

Refining Hemp Fibres for Papermaking, by Olev Trass and Constatin Delibas

Steam Distillation of Essential Oils from Hemp Panicles, by R. Kaniewski and W. Konczewicz

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