Tuesday, April 03, 2007

April showers looming, and March is now behind us. It was not a bad month, unless you were a British sailor caught up in an international struggle between some total idiots. Hopefully they are not being hooded, tortured and treated to other nasty things which the US likes to do to its defenceless captives...so far the worst thing to befall the 15 was the ugly head scarf the woman sailor is wearing! And it's not even made of hemp. Perhaps we can send a hemp scarf to the Iranian Embassy here in London and explain that we are now all eco-conscious and hemp is what we prefer to wear. I suggested this to the Yanks, but I think they just ignored it, as all their orange jumpsuits and other bondage gear are all still made of cotton.
As was the Anya Hindmarch 'eco-bag', and not even organic cotton at that. Previous posts show us on the march outside her shop in, um, March; with a hemp bag.
Thousands of miles from London Paul Benhaim spent the month working out details of his new company, Zelfo, nice logo there Paul. He did not let the ides pass however without a visit to his homeland, and after convincing airport security he was not a tourist, he made his way to Essex to discuss the future of hemp plastic with Bobby Pugh and an unnamed financier.
In California Mina Hegaard and Edie Marrs geared up for the season of outdoor festivals, the two having teamed up earlier this year. Bamboo and possibly ramie and jute will also be available from these two, along with hemp. They are branching out a bit not only into other fibres, but into carrying a few more hemp products, including books. Hemp for Victory, A Treatise on Hemp, and Building with Hemp will be available from their sites later this month.

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