Monday, April 30, 2007


An article on schmoontherun may yet get its author in deep doo-doo with Mr. Bush. As he notes in his piece, the American people are getting poisoned, and Mr. Bush has put a gag order on the Environmental Protection Agency so that they cannot do their job. In the meantime, Bush's friends do their job and sell lots of rocket fuel to the US military, which is now spending more money then the mint can even print.

The fuel gets into the water supply, and it then keeps on going. A rocket stops at some point, but the fuel gets into the water, then into the crops, then into you. But not into me, because I escaped and got the hell out. So unless they drag me back in an orange jump suit for disseminating this kind of information, I am safe...unless, of course, they put US rockets where I live (which is a secret location) and then the water all gets full of this. In America, it is happening at 12,000 bases. Osama bin Laden heard about it and decided to retire early, he says Al Qaida does not really need him to mess up America, Bush and Cheney are doing a better job, and no one is allowed to ask questions.

So don't drink the water in Uncle Sam's land. Just shut up and do what you are told. The press is there setting an example, unless they are out at the party for the "Gods of War II" playstation party, where Sony had a live goat slaughtered as a sacrifice to these 'gods', and encouraged people to eat the entrails. In addition, journalists could have things put in their mouths by half-naked wait staff. I was wondering where they were all off to last week when I called the Independent and other papers here to get them to take picures of the Anya Hindmarch bag event, which, as I predicted, turned into a major story. Sony, which makes these violent video games, is itself a media giant. So no surprise that they are not covering the stories about eco bags or rocket fuel poisoning the water supply in America. I guess the Yanks will all have to drink imported French water. Yeah man, live free or die.

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