Monday, June 04, 2007

Readers of this site have at times been offended by my statement that watching David Miliband run DEFRA is like wathcing a paedophile run a kindergarden. Other readers have just been offended at the fact that DEFRA is such a failure. The July 2007 issue of The Ecologist reveals some facts about the related EA (Environment Agency) which back up my not so pleasant assertions.
Jon Huges and Pat Thomas write:
"The EA is within weeks of letting Monsanto escape its liability for knowingly dumping thousands of tonnes of cancer-causing chemicals - including all the ingredients of the DDT defoliant Agent Orange - in two quarries in Wales. Unless a claim and 'adversary action' is lodged with the US bankruptcy courts within around four weeks, the UK taxpayer faces picking up a bill for hundreds of millions of pounds to safeguard teh environment and public health. Yet for the past few months the Agency has stonewalled teh one remaining eyewitness to events as they unfolded in 1967 onwards, and who is prepared to speak out. This man, who now carries a panic button at all times, also has a dedicated police protection officer supervising protective devices installed at his house because of the threats he has received".
A comment I posted on their site listed the Parliament number of David Miliband, which is: 020 7219 3000. The more you complaing, the better service you get. If you let them do what they want, you are going to lose.

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