Monday, July 02, 2007

There is the war on drugs and the everlasting war on terror, but the really big war is the bag war. This may look like a terrorist to the right (if you believe all the CIA propaganda and excuses for napalming anyone they like), or just a child with a large hat, but in fact this is the latest eco-warrior. Uganda has made plastic bags illegal, so anyone with a plastic bag (and this includes the Onya bag) is now a criminal (at least in Uganda). So what are they using? Well, while they await the hemp bags made by Bobby Pugh at The Hemp Shop in the UK, they are using banana leaves. Not sure if the leaf thing will quite catch on in London or LA, but it does seem to work well in certain areas.
Of course, the idea may be too good as going green and using leaves may threaten the profits of large multinational corporations, which may lead to Uganda being bombed in retaliation on some excuse or another. Wait for the NSA to force them all to use plastic bags or claim that banana leaves are a dangerous drug and need to be wiped out, as they did with hemp. Uganda and all banana republics be forewarned, George Bush is watching you!