Wednesday, July 11, 2007

On 7/7/7, a group of foul-mouthed millionaires assembled to get attention and burn up lots of petrol whilst telling us not to burn up lots of petrol. It was called "Live Earth", but run as it was by idiots, I thought the Gaia was gonna die right then and there, on the 2-year anniversary of the London bombings. Somehow we survived this made-for-TV hypocrisy. Those of us who did are now questioning why hemp was not once mentioned on this, in fact I just got a good essay from Doug Yurchey about this, it may or may not be up yet on his site,
Above is the image of Ruth's hemp bar, I'm sure your Senators and Congressmen (and women) are gonna love it like apple pie, and so will their dear old mom, so why not send them a bar? Ruth was instrumental in getting hemp legalised in Canada in 1998, and her site is
Americans are now fighting for hemp, led by David Monson, a lawmaker from North Dakota (who is probably eating a Ruth's bar as you read).
Lately I've been getting requests from Africa about hemp paper, one fast food company in South Africa wants to switch to hemp as wood is getting scarce, and a company in Eritrea also wants to start production. The scarcity of trees is affecting Ugandan papermakers so much that they now have to transport wood pulp 200 miles, and they too are thinking of getting some hemp in the ground. They also recently made plastic bags illegal in that country, but the sad thing is that idiots like Al the Bore are now just gonna go out and get more cotton cultivated so they can grow it for their cotton shopping bags, which may or may not be made by Anya Hindmarch and others impervious to the fact that cotton depletes the water where it is grown. And as this is in some poor part of the world where Al and Anya do not live (or Mad Onna), and they do not fly in to do Live Earth attention stunts, it does not matter.
But some good news is in order, hemp bags are catching on, The Ecologist has a reader offer on hemp bags made by The Hemp Shop and Minawear in California will have much the same bags on sale for Americans. They are large enough to hold a good bit of shopping including those Ruth's hemp bars with the red, white and blue wrappers.

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