Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Just packing up for the Big Green, trashing my room and not finding all the bits and bobs I am supposed to bring. But then out of the closet popped the brand new pair of Gravis hemp trainers (sneakers if you're from the US), so I can cross one thing off my list. They are by the way quite comfortable and aesthetic. Some may recall the hemp shoes on the cover of Rowan Robinson's The Great Book of Hemp and cringe.

Once at the Big Green there is so much to do, there will be speakers all day long and well into the night at both the Sun and the Moon Marquee, and there is an Earth Space as well where films will be screened. Highlights of events include Dr. Nick Kollerstrom speaking on the Summer of Love 1967 - I think he hit the hippy trail and toured Afghanistan back then; he does this talk on Thursday, 2 August at 2:30 pm in the Sun Marquee, and will again address an audience on Sunday, 5 August in the same place, but at 10 pm, when he will discuss crop circle geometry. Friday, 3 August starts off with a didgeradoo serenade by Eshua, who is playing a hemp didgeradoo at 10 am in the Moon Marquee - and again on Sunday, same time, same place.

My talk on the Hemp Revolution is scheduled for 8:30 pm on Friday 3 August in the Moon Marquee, where I will be enlisting and arming revolutionaries...More notes on hemp will be heard on Saturday 4 August when Rebekah Shaman and Carlo Dawson give their presentation on ethical business, 11:30 am in the Moon Marquee.

Other highlights, though not about hemp, include Hugh Newman of New Humans who will be talking about the ancient science of earth energies and the planetary grid-shift at 7 pm in the Sun Marquee on Friday, 3 August. David Shayler, former MI5 agent, gives us his opinions on 9/11 at 10pm on Thursday 2 August in the Moon Marquee, though his views may well not be backed up by valid research, or any at all in some cases. Still, an interesting chap for his experience with MI5, which has now been caught shopping British citizens to the CIA.

Don't miss the screening of The Great Global Warming Swindle at 12:30 am (just after midnight) in the Earth Space!

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DaveO said...

Sounds like an outstanding event. Sure you'll do an excellent speech and maybe someone will record it for a podcast.