Thursday, August 09, 2007

Image left is William Rodriguez, the hero of 9/11 who has been speaking out about suppression of key evidence in the collapse of the buildings. With him is Sagar Shah, wearing a Hemporium hemp shirt, and holding the master key, which William used on 9/11 to save the lives of hundreds of people, at great risk to his own.
Hemp for Victory is dedicated to him as his story, like hemp, is something that powers that be (thanks to a dodgy supreme court) are not willing to have aired.
William will be back in London next month to tell his story, and again we await the press to listen to the truth. Some of the loudmouths in the 4th estate are especially derisive of William and anyone trying to get them to look at the facts, but we know damn well where they would have been on 9/11 had they been on the ground floor of the North Tower as William was...they would have hauled their sissy a**es out the door and only looked back to get a story and sell it to their editor. And these days, what with more Hearsts and Murdochs getting control of the press, we can expect very little truth on either 9/11 or hemp.

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