Thursday, October 04, 2007

Posted recently on rense is the 4th installment in Rand Clifford's series titled King Hemp. There is always a good historical narrative in his work, so I recommend this to my readers here.
It is good to be well informed on the subject. Better, though, to take action, and this is what is badly needed. How many, for instance, take the time to write/call their MPs, Congressmen or Senators and get the issue flagged up? Last month a number of us in London hosted a former US Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, and she was showered with books, hemp seeds, hemp chocolate and hemp T shirts. How sad that she had to find out about hemp in a trip abroad! The very substance that can grow so lucratively in her own country is discovered when she crosses the pond. I suspect that there are hundreds of others like her, and all it takes is a good package with the essential facts (not rants about dope).
Another way of supporting the hemp movement if using hemp products, such as clothing, paper, skin care products, etc. They are available at a number of shops, below are some links:


t2smalz said...

get ahold of me... plz... i just want to find out how to make hemp waterproof... dip it in something... nice site... just wanting some feedback... pce... timmah!!!

Jokerman said...

Hemp is cellulose like most other fabrics, you would make it waterproof the same way you would jute or ramie.
Minawear might have some waterproof hemp, check them out at