Monday, November 26, 2007

In Europe there is hue and cry over illegal immigrants, and not without reason. The rape and murder of the wife of an Italian Naval Captain turned tide, and even the most left wing sentiment was not enough to stay the deporation of hordes of Roma Gypsies from the land. The EU was told to keep out of national debate.
In the US immigrants have gone so far as to push the indigenous people off the land. In South Dakota they are wishing they had a better immigration policy back in the 1520s. Last month they won a round against some of the immigrants, who presumptuously set up a company called "Native American Energy Group." The native Americans won a judgment in court on 29 Oct. calling for the NAEG to remove itself from the Pine Ridge reservation. What was it NAEG wanted to do? Mine uranium, so that fools could build nuclear power stations and then sell the waste off to the military at great profit. Chief Judge Lisa Adams, herself of immigrant stock, ruled aganst such folly. Plaintiffs Owe Aku and the Black Hills Sioux Nation Treaty are now watching as NAEG decamps. End of this month they need to be out.
These same natives have also been resisting moves by the immigrants to keep them from growing hemp. They made a film titled "Standing Silent Nation" which talks about their plight. Linked to this is a site by the same name, click here to view.

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