Friday, December 07, 2007


This week I wasted money on the Guardian, but there were some articles well worth 70p. One by comedian Mark Thomas told the tale of the devil and his tricks infiltrating a peace group - paid for by BAE and run by a woman named Le Chene. The infiltrator was one of Thomas' favourite people, and it took him a long time to accept the facts. In reality, many of these left wing groups are run entirely as false fronts - hence the standdown on many issues in the press, including such papers, but let's not name names.

However, the Guardian is in many ways the best we have, and there is always a good amount of accurate reporting, along with the usual hot air from the likes of George Monbiot. This week he heated up the climate with more rubbish about global warming, conveniently avoiding the fact that the earth is moving closer to the sun or any mention of Piers Corbyn. Saturday I will ambush them again, look for me outside the US Embassy with a placard reading: "Real Environmentalists Wear Hemp". The cotton wearing 4x4 driving Guardianistas might just take note.

One sticking point in reporting from the truckers on Farringdon Road is biofuels, many there do not yet get the difference between bioethanol and biodiesel. Easier to just lump the two together, as Jonathan Watts has managed to do in his piece on Tuesday (4 Dec.) about food riots. He makes the same stupid mistake as so many other journalists in talking about biofuels as an enemy to food production - just because George Bush managed to mess up corn based ethanol production in the US; are there any journalists smarter than Bush out there? Can they not realise that farm wastes are perfect for fuel production, as Henry Ford told us? Once again, most of these wastes are cellulose, which humans do not digest, but which turns to ethanol quite quickly. The edible parts, of course, are sold for food. And the cellulose waste parts do not, as one Moonbat tried to tell me, make good fertiliser, as cellulose is only C,H & O, (as in carbohydrate) thus one does not appropriate P,K,Ca or N. (as in Phosphorous, Potassium, Calcium and Nitrogen).

Maybe some, however, are brighter than the Bushman, as John Vidal on Thursday wrote a very worthwhile article about the Tories working on getting 1 million households to create electricity, some of which they would sell back to the national grid - an idea George Monbiot has dismissed (in his speech last month at Friends House). The fact that this is used effectively in Europe ought to be enough to win an argument - for instance, 12% of Germany's electricity is supplied by this method, called 'micro-generation.' My own proposal is that gyms can offer exercise bikes to people and then harness the power to sell to the national grid, solving the problem of obesity as well.

More science reporting from the Farringdon Road crew included James Randerson's report on Sir David King's attack on the press for not supporting GM food; King also supports this climate change nonsense - and no wonder, as it in turn heats up the debate for nuclear power - leaked to me last month was a memo showing that King is about to go to work for Fluor. Can anyone trust him? Maybe the folks at the Guardian who do not already know this. Look for an announcement in the near future, but when it comes out, remember you read it here first.

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