Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The image above was taken by the undercover reporter at schmoo the run at the Climate Change Rally on 8 December. A lot of people there were smiling at the sign, as they were wearing hemp, but a lot of people were also turning away sheepishly. Al Gore did not bother to attend, he was somewhere else making lots of money and annoying the press with his attitude. As he, and other climate change salespeople are unable to answer questions about Piers Corbyn, sunspots, the earth being closer to the sun, previous warm periods, and other issues that poke holes in their agenda, they often try to minimise questions. Hit and run is the technique, but not before taking a good deal of money - $50,000,000 in Gore's case. Monbiot does not live cheap either. And both do a good deal of travelling to preach to others that they ought no to travel.
Whilst assembling this sign, which was held up by hemp stalks, and bordered by the same, I could not help noticing that they were still green, after having been harvested in August 2006. Perhaps they were the stems of the Chameleon variety, but I cannot be completely sure.
For those wishing to join the ranks of real environmentalists and wear hemp, here is a list of some suppliers:

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