Friday, February 15, 2008

Just got the invite from Eco, and though it was not on hemp paper, it was certainly unique: elephant dung. The pachyderm scat is my pass to a great night of meeting fellow environmentalists and the press.
Speaking of paper, Zac Goldsmith replied to the petition several of us signed asking for the involvement of the Ecologist. Zac recognised the Treefree paper we used, made by John Hanson, who knows his uncle well.
My own collection of hemp paper was added to recently by a few sheets of handmade paper from South Dakota, made by the Lakota Indians, the folks who want their land back from the settlers who grabbed it a century or so ago. Bobby Pugh of The Hemp Shop emailed me to tell me Wookey Hole, a specialy paper company in the UK, is set to close, so I am running out to order any of their remaining stock of hemp paper.
When I get time I will then collate them as swatches in a book on hemp paper. And if I get a large enough living room, I will put in an elephant and feed it hemp. Their stomachs are natural paper pulpers. The dried dung is then pulped and made into sheets, the cellulose having been treated already in the digestion process. Of course, I'll have to get permission from my landlord to have pets.

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