Friday, March 14, 2008


Robbie Anderman (pictured right) of Cool Hemp in Canada just sent us a link to his You Tube video, click here to see it. He also has a song about hemp, archived earlier this year (17 Jan) on this site, use the keyword search for the site to bring it up or click on archives for January.

On a not so cool note, I just talked to James Randerson of the Guardian, he is their science correspondent, or 'churnalist', as fellow Guardian writer Nick Davies might call him. When asked if the paper was reviewing the hype surrounding climate change, as they at least partly did earlier this week in an article by Randerson (also discussed on this site, 12/March/08), he said that it was a definite conclusion. But when challenged with the evidenece from hundreds of scientists, including Piers Corbyn, he did not seem to know of a single one of them. He challenged Corbyn's accuracy not by rebutting data, but by asking if Corbyn was a billionaire; the answer to which is "I do not know." And if I did, what relevance does it have to the issue? Is that what the paper considers a mathematical equation? Formulate weather patterns based on someone's bank balance?

I had thought that Randerson was going to voice some needed dissent, but no, his piece only noted that certain data was not conclusive, but he asserts that is only that data and he does not notice that other legs of the table are falling off. And I bet that he is sitting there writing on tree pulp paper and wearing mainly cotton clothing. Not cool. If anyone wants to send him some informatoin on hemp, you can address it to:

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