Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's refreshing to hear some sanity in the Guardian after all the Green Nazi brainwashing crusade to get us all to believe in Al Gore and George Monbiot's hot air news. James Randerson writes in yesterday (11 March, '28) paper: "Experts deny link between floods and gloabl warming." The scientific ananlysis of the severe floods here in the UK has shown that they cannot be linked to climate change. In fact, there has been less summer flooding in the last four decades. And some of the older folk remember some quite warm winters when they sat on the beach without any coats in the winter.
However, the Nazi youth party in the Greens does not want to remember all this. They want to herd us all into their protest march and take our money, but not once do they talk sense abou hemp. So will we be hearing more real science from the press? Hopefully yes, but that means they will have to do real work. So maybe that is too much to hope. I encourage everyone to keep on contacting their local journalists with information on hemp and any other real science so we can get heard over the roar of the Nazi Green PR machine.

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