Monday, May 26, 2008

Another good story in the Guardian is today's front page by John Vidal about the billions wasted on UN climate change programme. He reports on routine abuse and waste in this, which is now a$20bn a year industry, expected to grow to $100bn a year.
By the way, this month has been quite cool, and again the global warming hawkers will have to wear jackets and bring their brolleys if they want to venture outside. Of course, having been so wrong for so long, they might as well just stay in and avoid any public disussion.
If a fraction of that money had been wisely spent on developing hemp farms and more infrastructure for hemp textile production, we would not be in so much of a mess. The do-gooders waste time and money on hair-brained ideas, but there is always a bevy of stupid journalists to take on these ideas. A few in the press are however noticing that we need to pay more attention to facts, but the industries that have $20-100bn to spend can drown them out with a blitzkrieg of press releases.

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