Saturday, June 14, 2008

Later this year 100 million or so are going to fill out chad slips or whatever they use now to pick someone to occupy the White House for four years. Many are fighting over who is better or worse, McCain or Obama. To be or not to be a McCaination or an Obamanation. Is there a third choice? I am not sure if Cynthia McKinney is still in as Green Party candidate, but if she is then let's get her in the White House. Republicans can be happy that there is a an honest church goer, and the other side gets both an African American and a woman.
There will of course be lots of unhappy people who are being asked by her what they did with trillions (yes, that's not a typo - I don't mean millions or even billions) of dollars that went MIA at the Pentagon.
She knows about hemp and expect it to become legal on a federal level if she gets is, which is just what we need. As the price of oil just rose 10% in a day this week, as some Bozo in the Middle East, who had nothing better to say but needed to get a soundbite, announced that Israel was about to attack Iran, Iran's exports, including oil, rose in price. This does not help the Israeli economy and unless the Knesset is on acid they are not about to do any such stupid thing. Kissinger once said that there is no foreign policy there, just domestic, which means that politicians say all kinds of crazy things to pander to voters. They endanger the Israeli public just to get the press to give them space. If someone were a real enemy of Israel, they would encourage all the saber rattling they could and then let a big war end the game. Or are arms dealers already playing that just for their fun and profit?
One more reason to have Cynthia McKinney - if we do not want the neophyte Obama or the GOP McCain, bedfellow to lots of arms dealers, we need someone with experience and common sense. McKinney has been in the throes of political machinations in the US, and knows what is what.
Having met McKinney I can vouch for her character. She took London by storm - and, for what it's worth, her son is a Chelsea fan. We hope to have them over soon on a more official visit.

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