Thursday, July 17, 2008

While looking for forward to the upcoming article on hemp in the Ecologist, I remembered they had one not too long ago, "Seeds of Hope" by Jake Bowers, here it is for those who want to have a look.
Image left is of a UK crop grown under the auspices of Hemcore. Most grown here is for low grade fibre or seed oil. Recently the BBC wanted to take aerial photos of a hemp field in Devon, and they got sent to the Good Seed farm. BBC1 is producing a documentary new and unique crops, though hemp is one very old crop in the UK, with record going back to ca. 300 BC. We told the BBC but they are not too bothered with facts, their entire budget is going to pay Jonathan Ross, we're lucky they had a few pence left to do anything at all on hemp. For a satirical look at the Beeb and a call to raise more money for Ross (he only gets £6m a year), check out Mark Ski's Mark of the Mask site. He is urging us to protest outside the Beeb and get a large pay raise for Ross. This movement is known as the Ross Cause. Ski also asks us to drive 4x4s, support Homeland Security, put 9/11 sceptics in camps in Eastern Europe, and not use hemp. His latets rant exhorts we close the offices of the Ecologist. Ski is on a roll.

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