Sunday, August 31, 2008


Image right was sent to me by the actor Mike Stranger. It is an obscure photo of the face of satan in the WTC, which I remember hearing about as an image captured by a Philadelphia paper, but have not seen till today. So here it is.

One wonders who else was in the picture that we do not see, I mean, why where there explosions in the building BEFORE a plane ever hit? That fact is well known as it caused Felipe David to be taken to hospital after being rescued by William Rodriguez just before the first plane hit the North Tower. After 13 weeks in a coma, David woke up to remember his rescuer, who was by now famous for saving hundreds of others. Rodriguez spent two years talking to the government about what he saw, including further explosions in the tower. When he realised he was being ignored and that the whole damn thing was a whitewash, he went public. Ever since people have been realising that it was an inside job. Except, of course, for people like Homeland Security. But now maybe they can get the facts, as they trawl this site on occasion, so let's hope they catch on. Yesterday they highlighted the words "department" and "security", and got lots of off topic posts, so I am formulating this one for them to read. What else to they do all day? Where is bin Laden? How many billions are spent on these spooks to read obscure hemp sites run by sarcastic iconoclasts with no criminal record and no criminal intent, when they ought to be finding the people who really did 9/11 - hint, the evidence points to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, where the face of one of the inhabitants' does bear a resemblance to the one above.

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