Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The Bush backed vile smart ass president of Georgia has been going on a charm offensive lately after murdering civilians in cold blood. Given the money involved behind his crime, which took place during the Olympics when most people would be watching games, it is not surprising that the media disinformation blitz has taken in the foolish. Mental POWs of the war that they are, they refuse at times to take on board any facts. Sometimes the truth is right there in your face, but, as Schmoo on the run points out, "... in such circumstances a commercial break is always available on Fox News to change the subject to more important things like toothpaste for zombies or make up for the walking dead." The Schmoo site shows a graphic photo of a bombed out building in Ossetia and states: "A gang of criminas known as the Georgian-American Army are believed to be responsible, but most have escaped and their leaders Michail Saakasjvili [sic] and George Bush are still at large."

It is interesting to note that the former of these suspects went to Columbia University courtesy of the US State Department. He then entered politics in his home country at the urging of Shevardnadze, whom he ended up usurping. All the while, Misha, as he is known in Georgia, was complaining about corruption. The pot and the kettle. But still no hemp, and what Georgia's ties to George Bush, we do not expect to see them grow hemp or do anything sensible.

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