Monday, November 24, 2008


Here in the UK there is always news on the British National Party. The biggest scoop was when they appointed a member to be their central London list keeper. It was actually an undercover Guardian journalist, Ian Cobain, who printed the secret passwords and outed Simone Clarke (pictured right) as a member.

The latest caper did not take an undercover journalist to pull off, a disgruntled employee put the entire nationwide list on the internet. Names like Rod Lucas, the radio presenter, then appeared, and it was supposed to be shocking that anyone in the BNP had a real job or, as one breathless journalists reported in a pseudo state of shock, could speak Italian. Lucas has since claimed he never was realy BNP, he was just joining it to research it - kind of like a former WHO member who claimed he was only looking at child porn on the internet to research it...and I was only wearing a silk stocking and waving a gun in the bank, your honour, to research crime...

The best gag out of all of it was the statement by the Green Party, who claimed that Chris Bessant, a former Green, who was on the BNP list, was not a racist, but left the Greesn because the BNP policies were greener. At least I agree. The Green Party was an utter waste of time in regards to hemp. But I think you can buy some good dope from them. Drug policy is their strong point.

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