Thursday, December 03, 2009

On this blog I have questioned the climage change camp many times. From firsthand experience, it was easy to see that many in it were dishonest and had no clue about anything scientific. If I had any doubts, they were removed when the Green Party UK delegate told me I could not expect them to be scientists. No. He was right. Not sure if I can expect anything at all from them.
The latest revelation about them comes from emails proving that they were hiding relevant data. Tree rings, for instance, showing patterns of global cooling. Today' s piece by Kenneth Green in The Epoch Times (NY) lays it bare when he notes that the Climate Research Unit (UK) has not been able to deny its data manipulation as manifested by the hacked emails. They consistently denied Steve McIntyre's requests for information, acting like some dodgy government agency with something to hide. Like the facts. Phil Jones, former head of CRU's climate change group, said he'd rather destroy data rather than show it. Maybe his new job will be at the CIA, where they are in need of a paper shredder.
Green (ironic surname...) notes: "What the Climate Change documents reveal is that this small group of scientists, who often peer-review each others' work as well as skeptical articles, have discussed ways of keeping findings they don't like out of the peer-reviewed literature as well as the IPCC reports, even if it required trying to oust editors, boycotting certain journalists, or to reclassifying a prestigious journal that publishes skeptical articles aas a fringe journal unworthy of consideration."
In other words, a gang of green nazis. Stupid, arrogant people trying to make a buck off of others' misery. And none are keen to wear hemp or even hear the facts about hemp - which brings me to note another story in The Epoch Times, this one written by Barbro Plogander, in which it is pointed out that cotton is a "thirsty crop." Yes indeed, but go tell that to the green nazis. I tried and they turned on me like swine, before whom you cannot cast your pearls.
So I am glad to see some facts, inconvenient ones at that, get out, bravo to the folks at The Epoch Times here in New York. They are sort of a startup paper and it looks like they may bring some fresh reporting to the stage, so have a look at their site at

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