Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In yesterday's New York Post there is an article about a green jobs training programme to be run by hucksters. Not so much new news any of this, take a look at all the 'greenie meanies' out there and you will find a bunch of people talking lots of idealism and doing lots of nothing. Cross a hippy with a democracy and you get a hypocrisy. It's why so few of them are using hemp paper or wearing hemp clothes or even eating hemp. They just want to make some money and look good, it's a tool for politicians and con artists; like Jason Safford, who is holding out his greedy hand for $1million from the taxpayer. An insider at his company, Safflyn, said he shouldn't be entrusted with taxpayers dollars: "I see too many red flags, too many things they've mismanaged...'Integrity' is one of the words they like to throw around - but they don't have integrity."
Few of these eco warriors do. They like to run non-profit orgs so they can then make their money writing stupid books and giving talks, often flying around in a jet using lots of fuel and polluting everywhere they go like Al Gore - who, like so many of these pseudo environmentalists, does not wear hemp.


Carlos said...

How many of these eco warriors really wear hemp?
Naked emperors...

Green Leader said...

Actually - I do have a hemp sweater. And I would love you to explain to the people I employ why you believe I am a con artist. Because a failed concert promoter, who I did not employ, says so?

Mark Ski said...

Green Leader - are you Jason Safflyn?
And what makes you a green leader - did you paint yourself green?
Your blogspot has nothing on it; probably because you have nothing to say.
Like so many false eco warriors out there.
The real eco activists are wearing hemp, using jute, stevia, etc.
The problem with the green movement is self apointed people like yourself - you call yourself a green leader, others call you a scam artist, and you do not much show your face. Who the hell are you?