Saturday, September 04, 2010


The nutty tree-hugger who was shot dead at the Discovery Channel offices is another example of the crazies in the eco-movement. After dealing with Plane Stupid in London, the gang who wanted to stop planes but cried at a court order keeping them off of planes - it turns out a common denominator to many of these 'activists', including Osama bin Laden, is they were rich kids. The hostage taking terrorist in DC was also one, and he literally had money to throw away, tossing bills in the air was one of his stunts at the Discovery Channel offices last year.
Lee, the gunman, said he was inspired by another rich kid, Al Gore...who, like so many in the holier-than-thou brigade, talks a lot but wears no hemp.

Speaking of hemp, I was in Wholier-than-thou foods the other day to find their shelves stocked with a brand of Hemp Oil that has been noted on this blog as unsafe, as it defoliant is used in its production...and it involved a rich, SUV driving character who does not listen to the rest of the hemp movement. If Al Gore, and Lee, and others would listen to those who have the experience and do research, they would find real solutions.

As to the Whole Foods hemp oil, I will post more on this soon. It is not the only negative thing about Whole Foods, which is overpriced, and run by, you got it, rich kids. Whether they sell guns, oil, or hemp oil, they tend to screw things up, and the lefty rich kids are just as greedy as those on the right.

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