Thursday, November 04, 2010


Just in from Michael Carus and Lena Scholz, an invite to a conference on lignin, tons of which are to be harvested from every acre of hemp. It is in the stalks, in both the bast and the hurds, but mostly in the latter. Other posts on lignin are found on this blog and will give context, including studies by the US gov on using lignin in paper and companies that research lignin use. Presently, it is a waste or by-product of cellulose production. Click on the tag for lignin to be taken to them.

(Lignin, by the way, is a macromolecule characterised by monolignols, the starting material being phenylalinine. It is common in trees and herbaceous plants, where is part of the cell walls, including the xylem fibres. After cellulose it is the most abundant organic compound, accounting for up to 33% of the dry mass of wood. It fills space between cellulose and pectin, giving rigidity, conducting water and providing defence against pathogens).

Dear scientists and experts,
we would like to invite you to the first worldwide event on sourcing and material use of Lignin, taking place in Toronto, Canada on the 17th and 18th of November. Nova-Institut is the European partner of the Conference.At the event, the relevant bio-based chemistry along with Lignin-based Products will be presented and discussed by leading experts in this field. Don't miss the most important Lignin-event of the year! Please find the attached agenda.For further information also visit contact directly: Ms. Vicki Leith ( +1 519 827 1118. We look forward to seeing you in Toronto! With best regards,Michael Carus and Lena Scholz

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There is a market for this, and that is good news.