Thursday, March 03, 2011

Hemp, which is high in Omega 3, along with Omega 6 and 9, is the best source on the planet for it. Since it is a plant, and all hemp sourced for food is currently GMO free, and most grown without pesticides, it is ideal. However, the fishing industry has millions of tons of livers it needs to get rid of, so it goes on campaigns and gets nasty journalists to push this stuff down our throats. In October last year, there were two articles in the paper about people trying to be healthy and getting hooked on fish. One was in the New York Post, 19 October 2010, about a businessman, Lee Porazzo of White Plains, who is suing Bumble Bee after eating their tuna every day, which he thought was the "cleanest source of protein." Wrong.
He might have read the story in El Especialito that week by Dr Hector Rodriguez, who notes the value of Omega 3 and then goes on to tell the reader that large companies have polluted our rivers and seas, so the great majority of fish are contaminated. The info sidebar at the end of the article does mention hemp, but does not go into detail.
Porazzo's blood test in 2008 revealed a "dangerously high" level of mercury - 23 gm/lt in his blood. He got a call from the Health Department, which told him they normally do not contact him, but his level was so high they were making an exception. They told him to stop eating tuna. He did, and is now in court with Bumble Bee and Stop & Shop, the latter being the market that sold him his source of mercury.
After laying off the fish, he said his mercury level went back to normal.
He also stopped working out and lost weight.
My advice is get on the hemp, which has all the essential amino acids, actually it has ALL the amino acids, and get back in the gym.

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