Saturday, April 02, 2011


The GOP's first president came from a hemp growing state: Illinois. His father-in-law was a Southern plantation owner who grew hemp. The same party today is against hemp; it is not new information to most of you that the Founding Fathers grew hemp. The former president, what would he think? But more importantly, the present president, also from Illinois, what is he doing about it? Nothing. Both parties (the present POTUS is a Democrat) have little to offer the US, which is sowing more and more cotton which dries up the water supply.

And while they filibuster, we lose. Illinois last week voted against the legalisation of hemp, joining the ranks of South Dakota, California and Vermont. In contrast to this, Canada, China and all of the EU countries can grow it.

This week I got email from two people in Uganda about growing it, and they are now in touch. Hopefully they will be able to get the seeds they need, and line up a buyer - there are hemp shops in South Africa, where the legality of growing hemp is a grey area. It would be ironic if the next jar of hemp seed oil sold in Illinois is grown in Uganda...just now what they buy is mostly Canadian. But, if US legislators would act more like Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln, whose faces are on the currency that is actually made with hemp - Illinois could be raising a cash crop. It's sad...what can we do?


hemp_man said...

It's really a shame how ignorant people are of this plants value and versatility or like you have mentioned in other blogs, perhaps government officials are bought off by special interest groups. I'm from Illinois and our state economy could really benefit from an amazing cash crop like hemp.

Kenyon said...

Perhaps gov officials are bought off?
Of course they are, but not always directly,
the special interests create a certain mood and
they buy into it since it has been reinforced over and
over by the press...
Who owns the press?
Hearst, who bashed hemp, is still a media empire with a presence here in NY.

hemp_man said...

I'm fairly new to the knowledge of hemp. I've been a hemp activist since I've acquired what knowledge I do have. Where do you get most of your information? What do you do besides write this blog?

Kenyon said...

Hemp Man,

I got mine initially from my sister, Mina, then I funded her to start Minawear. I saw the need for real info that was not tainted with the drug issue, as many people think it is all a doper thing...I then went to libraries from California to London and found all the old books about this crop, and compiled the book "Hemp for Victory", with help from others including Woody Harrelson.
There is the internet of course too... on this blog you can find a lot and there is an index if you go to the left corner there is a box for words to look up on this blog and you'll find amino acids, lignin, pectin, hurds, etc., all things to do with hemp.
In your state there is a hemp shop called Global Hemp, based in Peoria, it runs a site with lots of info, and I have posts on them here with their info if you want to check them out.
In addition to this I cause trouble for uppity academics and crooked politicians, which, given the abundance thereof, I am very busy...I am hoping to get a letter from hemp activists to Senator Schumer of NY that would make it imperative that if the museum here gets a $1.5 million grant to study agriculture they include hemp; which will make hemp an issue, as they will have to give a reason why they refuse. The American Museum of Natural History, and I have other issues with them as they do not display some very key American birds that ought to be there for people to see...I will post on this soon as I get more info.
And oh, I paint birds, you can see them at
Some birds love hemp...

hemp_man said...

That all sounds great Kenyon. I love your passion.

Carlos said...

No surprise that O's state does not support this...he is a puppet, and many of the liberals in Illinois are too.