Tuesday, July 12, 2011


In the last two weeks, the world is realising what Murdoch really is. Sure, he denies knowing about hacking the Royal Family, hacking celebs, hacking into the phone of a missing-later-found-murdered 13-year-old, hacking the phones of 7/7 victims' families, hacking UK soldiers, trying to hack 9/11 victims' family members' phones, and lastly, following a detective around to help the two suspects in a murder case, one of whom is in jail for sexual crimes against a child - the list surely goes on - but do we believe him?
Do we believe he closed the News of the World for any other reason than to get his satellite deal through Parliament? Or that he did not just plan to open as the Sun on Sunday?
I have told people that he is a spy working for other intel agencies, that he got so big he is now basically working for himself, that he benefited from the strikes at the Times, which he bought cheap and cheapened - that he had a hand in the death of the Labour leader before Tony Blair, that he paid Tony Blair to sell Quinetic to Bush, that he ordered a stand-down on the publishing of any news about Ian Norris or US extradition, etc., etc., etc.
Now people are waking up. He was privy to deals at Downing Street and was not a UK citizen. He was a SPY and a THIEF, as I have called him on this site. Let him sue me. I have information on his org that I am not disclosing yet, and some I have but have been rudely sidelined.
So now I am seeing some vindication, but he is moving to control the damage, and there is hell of a lot going on that may occasion the deaths of some MPs etc. Remember who a pal of David Cameron mysteriously died just before this scandal broke? More to come...
And as to why he wanted 7/7 and 9/11 families' phones hacked, you have to realise those were inside jobs done in part by his allies. They wanted to see if anyone close to the attacks had any clues.
But the Murdoch press is not alone in that regard, let us not forget Jane Standley of the BBC who told us at 5pm EST that Building 7 had fallen...it had not. It fell 20 minutes later. The BBC girl was then whisked out of sight, I personally called them in London and was told they were not putting her forward...it was not wise they said. Not wise.
Then there is the Guardian. The what? The Guardian, which broke the story about Murdoch and his crew? Yes. Remember good old George Monbiot and his attacks on the 9/11 truthers? Well, he was almost one of us - he wondered out loud if the FBI did not do the anthrax attacks...too loud he was, and he suddenly reversed himself. Did he get close to the truth and get told to shut up, or did he use it as blackmail?
And when it came to the Ian Norris case, which is one of the most embarrassing cases in UK history - an innocent Brit sent to jail in the US for committing LEGAL acts - and the UK Parliament and police, their strings pulled by Murdoch, do nothing...
I will not shut up. These newspaper barons need to end their lives in jail. They are criminal jerks. They are the cause of many wars, and the reasons facts about things like hemp are suppressed.
Here in NY we have a Murdoch paper, the New York Post. I am going to call advertisers to tell them to withdraw advertising. Join me. It will put a dent in the Murdoch Beast. It will teach a lesson to journalists like Andrea Peyser who support DDT but do not tell you the truth about hemp, or much of anything for that matter. Just like Hearst. And Sun Myung Moon. And, yes, the Guardian and others nipping at Murdoch's heels for the wrong reasons - to get their own piece of the pie. I noted that Murdoch suppressed the story about Ian Norris being whisked away illegally to the US - but the Independent did the same, with the story taken out at the last minute after Genevieve Roberts had written it up. This is their shame too, lest they try to look good calling the kettle black at this time.

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